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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Presentation Tips: Essential For Executives

Tell me one name of today's executive who don't know the importance or need of presentation skill. In today's corporate world their are many practical example, people become distinguish from their co-worker just for having good presentation skill. If we give some effort, then we all can improve our presentation skill, it is not a skill that people inherited by born. Rather, this is a skill which people can acquire through practice and following some strategy.

Establish rapport/bond with your audience and they become your partners in a dialog, allies in your presentation. They will want you to succeed. They will overlook your nervousness and lack of polish. And they will give you the benefit of the doubt even if they lose thread of your logic.

Some very simple steps to become good presenter

1. Talk to people before your presentation.

Introduce yourself as people begin gathering. Ask them about themselves, what they do, and why they are there. Smile.

2. Have your audience’s best interests at heart

See your presentation as an opportunity to serve your audience, not to impress or “sell” them.

3. Establish eye contact

Look people in the eye one at a time. Hold each person’s gaze for 5 to 10 seconds and then look someone else in the eye. We distrust people who will not look us in the eye. A word of caution – some cultures consider such eye contact intrusive and rude.

4. Speak simply and with conviction

Do not give a speech. Have a conversation with your audience. Say “I’, “we” and “you” when appropriate.

5. Approach your presentation from your audience’s perspective – not yours

Address their concerns. Speak to their interests, values and aspirations. Avoid words they might not understand. Cite evidence they find credible. If you have to use words or acronyms they might not understand, explain them immediately.