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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Way To Handle Criticism

As criticism is very common in corporate world, we need to control our emotion. We need to hold our emotion as through criticism other people may do one favor for you- identifying places where you need to do some working to ensure further improvement to achieve success in your career.

Simple Steps To Handle Criticism

1. Listen Impartially

Not showing any negative or defensive emotions when listening will stop you appearing vulnerable or fragile.

2. Summarize What the Other Person Has Said

This means you have understood them correctly and also that you have taken it all in.

3. Ask Questions

The more specific the criticism the more helpful. Find out what you did and when that gave them their impression. This will mean you will not make the same mistake again.

4. Criticism is Rarely Groundless but Often Exaggerated

Decide which elements are useful and what you can do differently to be more effective.

5. Think about How the Person who Criticizes You Looks at the World

Could they have been trying to help? Are they under pressure themselves? Think about why they have these views about you. This could give you some useful self-awareness.

6. Ask Those Who Criticize You for Their Advice

By making them part of the solution they are less likely to criticize you in the future.

7. Thank People Who Criticize You

Not only have they given you free information but you will also disarm them.

8. Re-frame Criticism Which Focuses on What Went Badly

Consider what positive steps you can take to improve in the future and what you have learnt from not succeeding.

9. If You Are Angry, Take It on Something, Not Someone

It is understandable to be annoyed but not very useful.

10. Praise Others for What They are Doing Well

It will give you the moral high ground and make you popular (as well as reinforcing productive behavior).