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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Avoiding Items To Be Good Communicator

As a good communicator, you need to know the avoiding factors, the factors that you need to avoid during your communication. Its proved, communication is a skill and we need to follow some strategy to achieve success in communication.

Here, i am mentioning some points which we need to avoid during any communication, to achieve success as good communicator:
  • Gossiping: Don't give your friends a chance to say that your mouth is as big as all outdoors.
  • Exaggerating and Half-Truths: People won’t trust you.
  • Being “Catty” (subtly cruel; spiteful): People fear a petty person.
  • Being a Snob:This is so yesterday!
  • Swearing: Sometimes you get mad enough to swear, and you do. Swearing lets off steam, but what does it do to you? It’s cheap and tiresome.
  • Teasing: It can punch holes in a person’s pride.
  • Criticizing: If you want to be treated like so much poison ivy, model yourself after the pesky mosquito – buzz and then bite.
  • Wearing Your Feelings: If you’re too touchy, you’re looking for trouble… you’ll need to accept criticism with a calm manner.