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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Completeness: The First C's of 7 C's of Effective Communication

Completeness offers various benefits. It helps in bringing out the desired results without extra cost other number of messages. It also helps in building goodwill and a sense of concern for other party as both the reader and sender may have different background, culture, viewpoint, needs and experience.

Completeness comprises of the following points to be kept in mind

a) Providing all necessary information:

It means to provide entire information keeping in mind the readers point of view for their better understanding. It can be done by answering all WH questions i.e. who, what, when, where, why and other essentials like how?

b) Answer All Questions Asked:

A reply or reaction to a incomplete reply is most likely to be unfavorable. Not answering all the questions builds an image of being careless or trying to hide some weak spots, leading to question on our tact’s and honesty.

c) Give Something Extra, When Desirable:

It refers to providing some extra information related to the question asked by the opposite party. Giving a satisfactory reply is the main issue which would attract the opposite party for an interaction. For example if a new member in your society wants to know about the place where the next meeting will be held? So your reply should not only consist of the place where the meeting would be held it should also consist of other information relevant to the meeting like at what time, where, when, objective behind the meeting should be mentioned and an invitation to him in the end will make the reader more eager to attend the meeting.

Example of Usage of Completeness for Effective Communication:

Incomplete letter to a new savings depositor:

Thank you for the confidence you have shown us by the account you recently opened. All our facilities are at your disposal, and anytime we can be of service, please call on us. Our appreciation is best expressed by our service being of to you.

Revised, complete letter to the new savings depositor:

Thank you for the confidence you have shown in us by opening the savings account. Our goal is to make all our services available to you both helpful and pleasant.

Your account offers you the following benefits:
  • YOUR PASSBOOK DEPOSITS EARN 7% interest compounded half-yearly
  • BETTER-THEN-CHECKING facility helps you make online transactions and even 24 hour ATM (Automatic Teller Machine)
You are most welcome to come in whenever we can assist you. Please consider this association as your financial head-quarters for your savings and borrowing needs.

Waiting eagerly to see you in our premises