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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

BASIC: Strategy To Manage Conflict

Sometimes, conflict can be happened in our professional work as well as our personal life. We need to know the technique to manage the conflicts. As it's normal to have some conflicts and a smart professional will always manage those conflicts in such a way, that ultimately give that person an added advantage over others.

Here, i am trying to give you an idea about BASIC, the strategy you can follow to manage conflicts with others. And i also present some tips which will give you some edge over your colleague; even sometimes over your boss.


  • B – Back down: Usually the other person is just as interested in saving face as you are, so give them a way out. Provide a graceful way out.
  • A – Apologize: Say you are sorry or “excuse me” – it doesn’t mean that you are wrong or weak to use courtesy.
  • S – Stay centered: Stay in control. Don’t let someone else lure you into a fight.
  • I – It isn’t worth it: Point out that it’s not worth fighting about. Lighten things up a bit. Make a joke – but not at the other person’s expense.
  • C – Keep it cool: Keep your voice low and steady and calm. Again, stay in control.
  • S – Stand in the other person’s shoes: Try to relate to the other person. Try to understand what they want or need.

Some Useful Tips for De-Escalating a Potential Conflict:
  • Speak softly. Speak slowly. Look at the person – but don’t stare.
  • Be aware of your body language.
  • Try to relax.
  • Remember to breathe.
  • Repeat sentences for clarity. “I think I heard you say…”
  • Watch your language. Words such as “maybe” “what if” “I feel” “perhaps” tend to de-escalate.
  • Affirm and acknowledge the other person’s point of view.