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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Communication: Meaning and Importance of Communication

What is communication?

Communication is the exchange of thoughts, ideas, information, or feelings between individuals using speech, writing, gestures, and artistic expression.

Get the message!

The message that is sent is not always the message that is received. Effective communication exists between two persons when the person to whom a message is sent interprets the message in the same way that the person who sent the message intended it.

What’s the big deal?

The process of verbal interaction is important to maintaining our health and emotional well being. Communicating effectively with others is an important characteristic of leadership, and it shapes our success in different activity.

When we share our experiences and feelings sincerely, we come to realize that all of us experience emotions, but that each of us experiences them in our own way. We can recognize the similarities among us as well as our individual differences.

Some Underlying Facts
  • Failures in communication happen when the message received is different from the message intended.
  • It’s easier to say that the other person doesn’t understand than to work to understand the other person.
  • Each person shares equal responsibility or blame when communication is difficult or isn’t working. Try looking at the world from the other person’s perspective. Walk a mile in her shoes.
  • Show interest in feelings and opinions even when you disagree. This helps build trust and mutual respect.