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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Clarity: The Fifth 7 C's of Effective Communication’s

Getting the meaning from your head to the reader’s head accurately is the purpose of clarity. Of course, you know it is not simple. We all carry around our own unique interpretations, ideas, thinking, experiences associated with the words.

Clarity comprises of the following points:

a. Selection of precise, concrete and clear words

Clarity is achieved in part through a balance between precise words and familiar words.Defining the above sentence, example, although it is appropriate to use technical terms and business jargon's in professional institutions but they need to be avoided when communicating with a person who is not acquainted with the terminology.

  • Possibly unfamiliar: Assessed valuation; Familiar to the layperson: Property value for tax purposes.
  • Possibly unfamiliar: Charge to your principal(banking); Familiar to the layperson: Increase the balance of your loan.
  • Possibly unfamiliar: Buyouts; Familiar to the layperson: Purchase by other company.
  • Possibly unfamiliar: People plying on skywalk; Familiar to the layperson: People moving on over bridge
b. Constructing effective sentences and paragraphs

In this important characteristics to consider are length unity and coherence.
  • Length: Generally short sentences are preferred, the suggested average sentence length should be about 17-20 words, because longer sentence may cause lack of concentration in sentence.
  • Unity: In a sentence whether it is simple, compound or complex the link i.e. the unity matters which means to have one main idea traveling through the entire conversation. Every sentence or word must be closely related to each other.
c. Coherence

Coherence in sentences means the words should be correctly placed or arranged so that ideas clearly reflect the intended meaning.
  • Emphasis: It refers to the quality that gives force to important parts of the sentences and paragraphs. The writer must know when and where the emphasis is required which helps in making the letter more clear along with other C qualities.