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Friday, April 3, 2009

Your Appearance – The Critical Part of You

Most of us are familiar with makeover programs on the television and articles in magazines where a man or a woman is given a new look. Often the results can be quite startling and the individual feels elated. We all get stuck in a rut, buying familiar styles and colors that we feel comfortable with. There is nothing wrong with this but from time to time it does us good to reassess ourselves and to consider the impression we’re giving out to others; is it the right impression?

If we try and wear the same clothes at forty as we did at sixteen (if they still fit us) how do you think that would look? Yes, pretty foolish I think. The way to feel and look younger is not to embrace the latest fashion fads, nor to stick with those tired old clothes we found so invigorating when young but to reassess our appearance as we get older and find styles, colours and clothes that suit us and can reflect our personalities; clothes that are timeless and stylish and of the best quality we can afford and hence give us a boost in confidence.

Over the years our skin tone changes, so too does our hair colour. Our shape alters and because of these changes our clothes, make up, hairstyle all need to change.

By changing clothes, hairstyle etc. you can feel completely different, often rejuvenated and your body language and communication style will therefore also change. You feel, look and act differently. People will then respond to you differently.

Research conducted by Professor Albert Mehrabian, a psychologist, showed that our decisions about the people we meet are based on the following:
  • 55 per cent what we see
  • 38 per cent what we hear
  • 7 per cent the words we are speaking
We’re going to take each of these in the following writing, examine them and see how we can use them to communicate a more confident image. But first what we need to understand the importance of our appearance.